HBX 1000

A premium blend of virgin oils to meet the cloud point range less than 2°C.

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B100 SDS

HBX 3000

A premium blend of used greases and animal fats created with economics and Heating oil in mind. These blends meet the cloud point range less than 9°C.

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Biodiesel blended with home heating oil to create a cleaner, greener alternative fuel to heat your home is fast becoming a large part of biodiesel usage in the North Eastern part of the United States.


Helping to incorporate biodiesel into all avenues available, we also produce SME, CME and special FAME products upon request.

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Crudely refined to the standards of the Procter and Gamble glycerin test.

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Widely used in animal feed, refinery soapstock is rich in oils and protein.

Biodiesel Feedstock

A very wide variety of vegetable oils, used greases and animal fats.